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The 1st Class Pimp
Want to rule the streets? Become the most powerful? Take out everyone on your own or join forces. The choice is yours!
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The Forgotten Gangsters
TFG was released on the 10th of January 2009 Round 1 so every one is just getting to grips with how we have programmed TFG, We have the best and by far most advanced Organized Crime to date making users more involved with the interface
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Crime Is Life
Welcome to Crime Is Life. This is a Massively multiplayer online role-playing game that puts you into the shoes of a criminal. Do you have what it takes to move up in ranks through this dangerous world? You wont know until you sign up and try. After,
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Underground Mafia Web Based MMORPG
Text based mafia game very similar to After-Death and Dark-Future. Start as an apprentice and work your way up through the ranks to gain your own crew. Crime, Trade, Stock, own shops or even gamble to get to the top. But remember, keep your gun at th
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The Legendary Mafia
Online Mafia RPG Game - Start out your criminal life as a Street Rat and work your way to Legendary Godfather, you will have to Rob, Cheat and Kill you way to the Top. Lots of exciting feature to keep you busy in your quest to the top.
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Gangland Mafia
Gangland Mafia is a free to play browser based mafia game mmorpg no downloads and cash prizes every round
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La Cosa Nostra Online
First off, you are the owner of your very own strip club. You have your staff to keep busy and your customers to keep happy! So money is the name of the game here, Your ultimate goal is to get first place and kick everyones ass on the way up.
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The Hit Is Out !!!
The Contract Mafia is a free web based game,Based on the real mafia life.We have a great staff and great players...Come join in the fun.
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Oblivion MuOnline
Oblivion MuOnline , Go in And,u will see!
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Dominating Empires
Alexander the Great once said...I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.. Join today one of the most unique massive online multiplayers turn based games on the web.
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Rise of Tyrants
CRAZY free online game. Build a virtual army and use it to compete with others in a frenzied battle for domination. Ridiculously silly, ridiculously addictive, ridiculously fun!
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Free Online Games
Play Free Games Online - For all the best action, adventure, shooting, puzzle, fighting, and casino games. The best free games!!!
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The Pimp Game - Multi Player Free Online Game - Fr, the only place online where you can legally pimp your hoes and kill other pimps!
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Chaos Chapter
Train, Fight, Survive. Think you have what it takes to be a top warrior? Then Join today!
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Elite Mobb
Massive in depth mafia game.
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Global Gangsta
New text based Mafia Game join now and become the best
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167 Are You One?
Do you have what it take to be the Ultimate Mobster? Work your stats up, commit crimes, attack others, create gangs. Do what ever it take to become the Ultimate Mobster.
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Hitmans-Legacy is a new sleek today ready for the future.
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Criminal Central
Come Join Today To Get Into The Groin Of Criminals !
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Role Play Game, Gangsta related, It's war out there in the streets only the best of the best survive, Now if you think you got what it takes join now! 18+ Only
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Free to play. Do you have wot it takes?
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The Sicilian Mob
New Game. 50% Cash Jackpot. Amazing Credit And Reserve Deals. Great Script, Graphics, And Staff
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Come and join The Brotherhood and become the best Mobster in town. You get 3 FREE donator days when you join
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Crime Life Online
This is Crime Life Online! This ain't no place for the weak. You think you got what it takes? This is the place where violence is the name of the game.
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The Wiseguys
Free Mafia MMORPG, Real Cash Prizes, 45 Day Rounds!
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Damafiadon Where the don makes the rules
Where becoming Don just got better. Cash prizes for free and supporter players.
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Federation Of Space Traders
Live the life of a Space Trader. Fight, hunt, commit crime, trade cargo from planet to planet, race for fun and profit... You can even carry out covert ops for Galactic Security
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Download and play free MMORPG, MPOG at Fun PC Games.
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The Untamed West
Where life had no value, Death had its price.
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Global Dons
BMG Gaming is Proud to Present GLOBALDONS a brand new style of mafia play for BMG gamers.BMG Gaming has stepped up it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s game, This is one of the first Ultimate all AUTOMATIC sites around.JOIN TODAY!!! Beta Round in prog
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Top Sex Games
Erotic computer sex games for adults only! MMORPGs, flash games, free downloads, free previews! Check out NOW!
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Organized Crimez
Organized Crimez violence, fraud, and corruption free mafia based mmorpg game offering monthly and bi-annual prizes. Become a leader of a Family or a member to make the most money to take the prizes.
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Criminal Nations
Sign Up To Criminal Nations Today
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Supreme War
Free fully browser based MMORPG where you struggle to survive in a real criminal mafia life. Interesting refferal system with lots of rewards!
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PBBG Portal
Directory of browser-based gaming sites organized by game type and ranked by popularity
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Blatant Hostility
Here we encourage you to be as devious as can be imagined; you are rewarded for stabbing people in the back to get ahead. Take caution, however, as others may be seeding the same plans as you; they may even decide to strike when you least expect it.
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The Mafia Paradise
The Wise Guy Mafia free web based multiplayer Online Game based on the real mafia life. You want to be a real WiseGuy like John Gotti and have other little wiseguys at your feet? You want to have fun? You want to make money? Then, you are at the rig
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Killaz 4 Life
Come into a world of violence and destruction, a place where  the strong live and the weak parish . If you think you have what it takes to become one of the best Killaz in the world and climb the ladder to greatness then come in and play.
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World In Mayhem
Join the world, learn the trades, become a fighter against all odds. The world is in mayhem, and everyone is against you. Can you fight back, become the top of the top. Work in teams, or be alone. It is up to you.
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A1 Mafia
FREE Mafia game based on the real life so called cosa nostra, come and assert your family why you still have the chance.
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TheFearlessMobsters. Are you the new Al Capone that wont fear anything to rule the underground world so you want to go for best killer rank. Maby your more like Benjamin \
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MapleStroy Private Server Ranks aRe 20X exp and 10X Drop Rate.
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Echo is a free, web-based, open-ended, multiplayer online ecologic/economic game with mystical overtones. Players can choose to perserve the balance of nature or destroy it for personal commercial gain. Echo is still in alpha and testers are wanted.
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Indocron Online
Get a job, level up, farm, mine, fish, attack others, do crimes, go to the gym, own a dog, take drugs, make friends, make enemies, join alliances, join gangs, borrow money from loansharks, buy protection, hire assassins, and so much more!
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Rumble Race
RR is a free browser based multiplayer game were you assemble skillfully your own racing stable, train your team and use the teammates cleverly according to their skills to prevail and win the cups.
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Warrior Epic
Warrior Epic takes the genre into new territory. It is free to download and play, no strings attached. Choose many warriors from a large group of specialized classes and play coop campaigns or slug it out with friends in PVP. New content every month.
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Free Cheats Hacks Exploits Guides
Free Cheats Hacks Exploits Guides for WoW,La2,Guildwars,Silkroad,RO,Rappelz and others
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online mafia game yeah i knw another one lol
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Erotic Games
Free erotic games sites links! Cartoon. hentai, 3D adult games!
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